When the sunrise lost its meaning

The sun is about to rise. A city is about to wake up. And here I am, wasting my life on a social networking site, minute by minute. I should be asleep right now, like the countless millions in this bustling metropolis. But I can’t sleep, and I can’t eat. Haven’t done either for quite some time now. I just can’t seem to be bothered by normal bodily functions anymore. Its like the sunrise has lost its meaning all of a sudden, like all of life’s mundane and routine tasks have no meaning. I’m questioning life as it is.
I normally don’t pour my heart out in notes. I talk, to people made of flesh and blood, and not to entities governed how many web pages they are linked to and how many people raise their thumbs to their mental ramblings on a blue wall. A wall that is not made of bricks, but people. People who have lost the will to live in a real world, surrounded by real people. The sunrise really has lost its meaning to them. But I shall not criticize. I am one of ‘them’ after all. I gloat too when they laugh or marvel at ‘my’ mental ramblings. I too live a false life in a false world.
So why this sudden urge to communicate in this false world. The truth is there is no one in the real world, who would marvel at my ramblings. Not anymore, anyway. However false it might be, this is my only world right now. Here I rule.
The sun set in my other world a while ago, and I’m waiting for it to rise again. I’m waiting for the day when my sunrise shall have a meaning again.


About Mad Crazy Hatter

Well, honestly the world ain't such a dull place after all. There are queer new developments happenin' everyday. I'm just one crazy fella who loves to observe, ridicule and dissect the craziness called life.

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