20 Hottest Female Athletes in History

Let’s be completely honest; when most of watch female sports, we are hardly concerned about the score. (We rather think about how nice it would be if we could score, if you know what I mean.) Female athletes have captured the imaginations and fantasies of men for generations now. The men might command more prize money and earn more through endorsements, but the women sure do generate the eyeballs. So, while the Rooneys and the Federers of the sport dominate the headlines, it is the Sharapovas and the Rawsons who adorn the walls of several (horny) adolescent boys (and often girls, we don’t judge). There have been countless women in sports who have set many a hearts racing, so let us find out who are the 20 most smoking female athletes of all-time.


Born- May 16, 1970, Professional Career- 1985-96, US Open Champion 1990

If you think the tennis players of today look like supermodels, then you should have seen Gabriella. She was the poster girl of tennis in an era when women’s tennis was trying hard to match up to its male counterpart. Sabatini was the first sportswoman to launch her own scent (back in 89) and she was the one who ushered in the era of tennis beauties (for which we are all very grateful to her).


Born- February 10, 1981, Professional Career- 2000 onwards, World Championship Silver Medalist 2005

There are athletes who are hot when they play and there are those who reserve this hotness for the camera. However, there are a select few who are just hot all the time. On the field, Leskinen was the first woman to pull off a Rodeo 720 (not a sexual position). Off it, she has established herself as the hottest thing on ice.


Born- October 8, 1975, Professional Career- 1997-2007, Olympic Silver Medalist 2000

Her name might be a tongue twister of sorts but her looks are simply hot. She took up pole vaulting at the age of 21 and within 3 years, she had won silver at the Olympics. In a career that earned her a Commonwealth gold and a World Championship silver as well, Tatiana won fans over with both her aphrodisiac looks and her determined performances.


Born- December 1991, Miss Lombardia 2009, Track Career- 2008 onwards

If you’re thinking Sara who, then let me introduce this breath-taking buxom beauty. A college-level track star, former beauty queen and viral sensation, Galimberti is called Italy’s Allison Stokke (Stokke is another track and field hottie). She came to prominence in 2008 when someone (may the Lord bless his soul) posted her pictures online. Since then, she has been successfully sending online crazies into a perverted frenzy.


Born- September 3, 1980, Senior Career- 2001-10, Most famous softball player in history

Finch is a sporting legend to say the least. In the 2000s, she was the world’s best pitcher and the Time magazine has called her the most famous player from her sport ever. Through her looks and performances, Finch brought Softball into the mainstream. Even though she kept a low profile throughout her career, her beach bunny looks brought her legions of admirers globally.

15. MALIA JONES (SURFING) United States

Born- March 27, 1977, Professional Career- 1991-98, US Amateur Surfing Champion 1992

Malia Jones is of Hawaiian, Spanish-Filipino, German and English descent, and she seems to have taken only the best-looking genes from all her ancestral gene pools. She has been labelled one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine as well as one of the 10 sexiest athletes of Esquire. Well, if a woman designs and the models her own line of swimwear, then you can pretty well understand why she is on this list.


Born- November 21, 1971, Professional Career- 1990-2004

Anyone who does not live under a rock knows that women’s volleyball is the sport to watch. It’s got 6 girls on either side of a net in tight clothing pushing and slapping a ball around (no pun intended). Mancino began her volleyball career on the sunny beaches of Brazil (so we would like to imagine) and one fine day, decided that European men needed to be made aware of her smoking hotness as well. Hence, she moved to Italy in 1990 and has been raising the mercury there, ever since.

13. NATALIE GULBIS (GOLF) United States

Born- January 7, 1983, Professional Career- 2001 onwards, 3 Tour wins

Gulbis was a child prodigy, winning tournaments at the age of seven and competing with professionals at 17. One of the major highlights of the LPGA tour, Gulbis is an out and out sportswoman, but a breathtakingly pretty one at that. She shot to fame by placing in the top 10 of four consecutive golf majors at the age of 23 and continued to draw attention both for her game and her sex symbol status in golf.


Born- November 6, 1987, Professional Career- 2003 onwards, French Open Champion 2008

Ivanovic is known for her aggressive style of play, her ravishing good looks and (women tell me) a complexion to die for. She has adorned the covers of several fashion magazines including FHM, Cosmo, Grazia and Sports Illustrated. Some say that she is the hottest tennis player on tour right now, while others call her the hottest woman from Serbia ever. Whatever the case may be, Ana has sure managed to make men all over the world swoon over her.

11. ANNA RAWSON (GOLF) Australia

Born- August 5, 1981, Professional Career- 2004 onwards

It is tough to decide whether Rawson is a model who plays golf or a golfer who occasionally does modelling. She started modelling at 16 and turned to professional golf only at 23. She has been playing on the LPGA tour since 2009 and is one of the tour’s biggest draws due to her stunning looks and enormous popularity.


Born- July 27, 1948, Professional Career- 1961-68, Olympic Gold Medalist 1968

Peggy was the first, the very first female athlete whose appearance did not want you to throw up on a roadside. Before Peggy, female athletes were more athletes and hardly female. After her, they were all woman. In a career that brought her five US titles, three world championships and an Olympic Gold, Peggy became the pin-up girl of her generation, and that too, the first from the field of sports.


Born- October 29, 1981, Professional Career- 1996 onwards, 2 Olympic Golds

You know what’s good about summer? Swimming! Amanda Beard is one of the sport’s most popular names and also the most respected. This seven-time Olympic medallist has a body to die for and mesmerising looks that have made countless men across the globe go weak in their knees.


Born- April 15, 1987, Professional Career- 2001 onwards, 3 Grand Slam singles

If you do not know who Maria Sharapova, then get the hell out of my blog. Sharapova is undoubtedly the most popular female athlete in the world today. This Siberian beauty is the embodiment of Russian sensuality, wrapped in a lithe, athletic figure. Her supermodel looks and million dollar smile have made her a darling of the tennis world.


Born- July 11, 1984, Professional Career- 2001-10, Olympic Silver Medalist 2006

The sport is called figure skating. It involves women skating and dancing over ice graciously and sensuously. Need I say anything else? Belbin’s movement exude a kind of grace and raw erotic energy that is unprecedented and has brought in many new fans to the sport. To say that she is the flag bearer of 21st century ice sports beauties would not exactly be an exaggeration.


Born- June 17, 1988, Professional Career- 2004 onwards, 3 Olympic Golds

The best part about the London Olympics will be that we will be able to watch Stephanie Rice in action in a swimsuit without having to explain to our women why we are ogling at this Aussie bombshell. Rice is the best thing that has happened to swimming since the introduction of shorter swimsuits.


Born- March 25, 1982, Professional Career- 1999 onwards, 3rd place finish at Indianapolis 500 (2009)

Here is one girl who can drive, and boy can she drive you nuts with those hypnotic eyes and perfect 10 body. Most people know her as the most popular and successful female race car driver ever, while others remember her as the sensuous “godaddy” girl from those commercials.


Born- June 7, 1981, Professional Career- 1995-2007, Australian Open Doubles Champion 1999

She was the Spice Girl of tennis and the most popular and desirable athlete of her generation. Anna introduced the glamour to women’s tennis, which has now become characteristic of the sport. Even though her accomplishments on the court were scarce, her looks and smoking sex appeal ensured that she would not be forgotten anytime soon.


Born- March 1, 1982, Professional Career- 2001 onwards, South American Championship Silver Medalist 2011

So Franco may not be a champion athlete but she does alright, having won a couple of medals at the South American Championships. However, she did finish runner up at Miss Paraguay 2006 and participated in Miss Bikini Universe to make up for all that. She has been called one of the hottest athletes by nearly all magazines and publications on this planet


Born- November 9, 1977, Professional Career- 1998 onwards, 3 Titles

To think that one of the hottest female athletes of all-time would be from a game as unglamorous as table tennis is quite ironic. But this Serbian beauty is not just one of the most popular players in the sport, but also the most stunning. Her ravishing looks make her an immediate crowd puller (and crowd please as well), and establish her as one of the most desirable women in sports.


Born- January 6, 1970, Professional Career- 1989-2000

In 1989, Elle named her as one of the five most beautiful women in the world. She was the first major female athlete to pose nude for Playboy and has appeared on the covers of countless fashion and lifestyle magazines. Gabrielle Reece is arguably the hottest female athlete of all-time, not just because she is amazingly stunning, has a great body and exudes oomph all around; but also because she is still smoking hot at the age of 42.

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  1. The first pic is Kathy Ireland

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