A World Without Numbers

I have a dream; a dream of a world; a world without numbers. A world that has not been perverted by man’s fascination for statistics; a world where the beauty of the abstract has not been slaughtered by the grotesque face of the concrete!

A world where a year’s worth of learning is not compressed and treated in a form of a couple of numbers written on a report card!

A world where a lifetime of dedication and grit is not judged on the basis a single number attained through performance against a lesser foe, tarnished by defeat!

A world where friends and family do not gather each year waiting for us to blow candles off a cake, which is inscribed with a number reminding us that we are that much closer to death!

A world where our lives are not controlled by a the movement of a couple of needles on a circular dial attached to our wrists

A world where a man is judged by something much more than the bank notes in his wallet and his capacity to purchase objects that hold no real value!

A world where women are described in terms of their proportions, being measured in crude numbers like of an object of purchase!

A world where even creativity, relationships and intelligence haven’t been relegated to a series of numbers of varying degrees on some scale or the other!

A world that is not run by men who instil the fear of numbers in children from the moment they are born!

A world where disasters and tragedies are not measured and shamelessly compared in death tolls, intensities and costs!

A world where wealth simply does not mean the amount of zeroes in your bank accounts!

A world where dreams are allowed to flourish, without being strangled by the harsh realities of statistical practicalities!

A world where humanity hasn’t been robbed of its humanity by numbers; a world where we aren’t slave to statistics!

I have a dream; the dream of a world; a better world, a free world!


About Mad Crazy Hatter

Well, honestly the world ain't such a dull place after all. There are queer new developments happenin' everyday. I'm just one crazy fella who loves to observe, ridicule and dissect the craziness called life.

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  1. perfect. have you met any materials (books, videos, other stuff) related to this topic?

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